Rats have been an issue in areas of human population for thousands of years. They carry disease, and can cause a lot of damage with their endless chewing and gnawing.

This can even lead to structural damage. Here at B&H Pest control, we are Preston’s leading pest control specialists. And we provide solutions for business owners, and homeowners across Lancashire and South Cumbria.   

Brown rat – (Rattus norvegicus)

The brown rat is the most common rat culprit to be found causing an issue in and around properties. Brownish grey in colour, the brown rat weighs approximately 500g and the combined head and body length is approximately 20-27cms.

Unfortunately, rats can carry a variety of diseases, including Leptospirosis. This is contracted by humans through an open cut or wound, or via the mouth. Which means that if you are working or living in an area where rats are an issue, you will need to practice good hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands before eating, drinking and smoking.

How can we help?

Here at B&H Pest control, we can tackle your rat problem, and help you prevent them from returning. We will need to arrange a visit to the site, to assess the problem and see where the access and entry points are. As a result, please do not move or clean up anything before we arrive.

Once we have assessed the situation, and identified the main issues, we can plan to move forward with a suitable treatment option.

Preventing reinfestation

Reinfestation can be an issue when it comes to rats, just like mice. As a consequence, it is necessary for us to fully understand where the rats are coming from, and prevent any re-entry. If you live in a built up area, it is a good idea to ask your neighbours about any rat issues, so that the problem can be looked at as a whole.

To prevent re-entry, you should consider:

  • Sealing any holes or gaps, including broken drainpipes and unused air vents
  • Examining your loft or cellar for points of entry, and sealing these with cement

So if rats are causing you a problem, and you’re looking for an effective team to get rid of your rat issue, get in touch today. Here at B&H Pest Control, we are Preston’s leading pest control experts. And we provide an efficient, discreet, and reliable service across Lancashire and South Cumbria.