Fleas can be a nightmare for pet owners, home owners and business owners alike. At only 2-3mm long, these small creatures can cause much more disruption than their tiny size would lead you to believe.

In fact, flea bites can be both irritating and painful. And fleas can be a nightmare to get rid of, especially if you have pets. But here at B&H Pest Control, we are Preston’s leading pest control experts. And we can take care of domestic and commercial pests, efficiently and effectively, including fleas.


Homes and businesses can easily become infested with fleas. These are usually dog or cat fleas, and occasionally bird fleas.

Fleas need to feed on a host, before they can breed. So they generally stay on the animal for the majority of the time. However, while topical treatment is being applied, they can jump off. And they will also jump off to lay their eggs.

Flea eggs hatch into larvae. And then into pupae. Without any parental help. They will then attach to any host in the vicinity.

How can we help?

Here at B&H Pest Control, we have the experience and the techniques to rid your property of fleas. We will treat your whole premises, from top to bottom. As fleas can spread quickly throughout a building, lurking in carpets and soft furnishings when not on the host.

We use a residual insecticide, applied to all soft furnishings and carpets. This will destroy the fleas, and get rid of your problem. Before we arrive, please vacuum thoroughly, and empty the hoover bag into an outdoor bin. Once the treatment has been provided, you will need to wait about an hour, before re-entering the property. This will leave plenty of time for the insecticide to dry.

However, if you do have a pet, it will be necessary for them to be treated for fleas, by a qualified vet. This is because pets are unfortunately, the most likely source of the flea problem.

If you don’t have a pet, we can send a flea to be identified, as the problem may have originated from hedgehogs in the garden, or birds nests in the loft. Identifying the source of the problem can help prevent your property from becoming re-infested.