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Ants – the black ant – (Lasius niger)

Ants are one of the most infuriating and irritating home and business invaders. The ants that tend to infest our homes, kitchens and restaurants are black ants. 4mm in length with a completely black body, these ants make a nest outside the property. This can usually be found in lawn grass or underneath paving stones, especially where it is sandy. The black ant can travel quite some distance to collect food, and this becomes a problem when entering our homes and commercial properties, particularly the kitchen, searching for sweet crumbs and treats.

What can we do?

Our expert team, here at B&H Pest Control, will take your enquiry seriously, and respond with appropriate measures to tackle the scale and scope of your problem.

We will visit your residential or commercial property, discretely, and complete a survey of the infestation, both inside and outside of the property. The number of ants we see, reflects only a small number of the total ants in the area. And we will use this information to apply the right amount of treatment.

The treatment for ants can take up to 2 weeks to work, but during this period, all of the ants in the colony will be affected. And this drastically reduces the chances of further ant problems.

After treatment

After the ants have been treated there are some steps you can take to prevent further ant issues. This includes:

  • Preventing access to any food substances- which means being extra careful with crumbs and food residue, as well as your bins.
  • Be aware of any new nests appearing-  make sure there are no new nests appearing in the vicinity of your property.

If you have an ant problem in your commercial or domestic property, get in touch with the professionals today, here at B & H Pest control.