Bees tend to be fairly docile creatures. But if your home or property becomes a nesting ground, the persistent buzzing and the threat of being stung can become a problem.

Especially if you have young children, or even pets. Dogs, for example, can require expensive veterinary treatment, after attempting to eat a bee. So, here at B&H Pest Control, we have the skills and techniques to remove bees nests from your residential or commercial property.


There are three different species of bee that can become a problem in homes and buildings across the UK.

The most obvious bee is the bumble bee. With a round, furry appearance, these bees might look cute, but they can deliver a sharp sting.

The masonry bee is another of the potentially problematic bees. This is a solitary bee, so you won’t have to worry about the noise irritation. But this bee can cause damage to old masonry and structural supports around your premises.

The honey bee is another bee that can be a nuisance for home and business owners. With a furry appearance, and a dusty, yellow- brown abdomen, these bees should be left alone when possible. But they do tend to swarm around nesting areas, which is a potential issue.

What can we do?

Once we receive your call, here at B&H Pest Control, we will arrange a visit to the site, to take a look at the issue. We strive to respond promptly to calls, and to resolve issues for clients effectively and quickly.

Wherever possible, we will endeavor to remove the nests of honey and bumble bees safely, and place them elsewhere. The bee is a vital part of our ecology, and should be protected when possible. This simply involves moving the nest to a new, quiet, and undisturbed location. Where the bees will not cause an issue for humans. We can also use a beekeeper for support. This is usually the best, and most efficient response to the problem that bees pose.

Very occasionally, in circumstances where it is not possible to remove the nest, we will have to use a treatment.

So if bees are causing you a problem, and you’re looking for a reliable team to tackle your bees, get in touch today. Here at B&H Pest Control, we are Preston’s leading pest control experts. And we provide a top quality, discreet, professional service across Lancashire and South Cumbria.