Bed bugs are one of the most notorious of home and business invaders. And they can be challenging to get rid of completely.

But, as Preston’s leading pest control team, here at B&H Pest Control, we have the experience and the tools to remove these unwanted guests for good. Our service is always prompt, efficient and discreet. So you don’t have to worry.

Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius)

Fully grown, adult bed bugs are around 5mm in length, and are a brown, reddish colour, with a flat, ovular shape. As the name suggests, these bugs live in and around the bed, the bedroom furniture and the mattress. And they feed on unsuspecting, sleeping humans.

The first thing most people notice when they realise they have bed bugs, are the bites. These bites are tiny, but they can be extremely itchy and irritating. However, it might put your mind at ease to note that these bugs do not generally pass on, or cause diseases.

Another common sign of the bed bug are tiny spots of blood on the bed sheets.

What can we do?

Here B&H Pest control, our team of specialists will respond to your call quickly and promptly. We will need to visit the site, to take a look at the scale of the problem. And then decide on a strategy to move forward successfully.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can be very resistant to particular insecticides. But this just means that we will need to provide a number of courses of treatment. As well as alternating between different insecticide, to make sure we get a positive response.

Other rooms in your property, especially neighbouring rooms will also be treated provisionally. Even in cases where there is no evidence to suggest bed bugs. This is because female bed bugs like to migrate away from the main area and harbourage to lay her eggs. Which could be in another room entirely.

In addition, bed bugs can be dormant for up to a month, without feeding. As a result, we will return to your property after 6 weeks for re-treatment, with a different insecticide. This will make sure that there are no survivors.

So for bed bug treatment from a professional, discreet, and reliable team, get in touch with us today, here at B&H Pest Control. We work across Lancashire and South Cumbria to provide a top quality pest control service.